Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Weddings & Brooch Bouquets

Wedding season is really upon us now and I absolutely love weddings. Meeting up with new brides to be is always a massive deal for me as I'm so keen to chat about everything to do with their wedding.

In the past I ran a couple of florist shops and weddings were always a massive highlight for me, from the initial planning stage of the colours & designs right up to the day itself. It really is a great honour to be able to be involved in a couples special day.

From time to time I really do miss floristry, now that the wedding season is in full swing I'm often reminded of how beautiful and exquisite the displays are through the powers of Facebook and Twitter.

One of my very good friends has set up a beautiful brooch bouquet company specialising in weddings and she makes some amazingly gorgeous designs. This is one of my favourites:

Treasure Bouquet

If you get a moment then pop along to her facebook page and take a look at some of her other designs.

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